'War Wagon' Mobile Shooting System

The War Wagon gets your gear where you need to be and puts you and a shooting partner high in the command position with a pair of Big Shooter platforms on the elevated and stabilized bed


Made to be towed on  the highway loaded with gear. 14' wheels, a  2200 lb. torsion axel and LED indicator  lights make the war wagon road worthy.
Can be towed in the field with your car, truck or 4-wheeler. Recessed tie downs keep your gear secure while 15" of ground clearance gets you where you need to go 


Big Shooter 'War Wagon' Mobile Shooting System specifications

Designed to be the most stable and portable precision shooting platform that delivers outstanding performance at great value.Increase your shooting performance by utilizing these great features built into every Big Shooter precision shooting platform:

Ultra Rigid deck: Rigidity and stability are maximized with a super re-inforced stressed skin deck design

Vehicle friendly: Tows behind any rated vehicle or ATV with 15 inches of ground clearance.

• Utility: It will haul your 1500 lbs of gear including a 4 wheeler to your destination

• Built for field use: 15' of ground clearance and a short 11' length make the War Wagon great off road

• Engineered for all environments: Performs in extreme weather and terrain conditions

• Customize to your needs: Taylor your War Wagon with accessories that fit your specific needs

• Precision and value: The Big Shooter War Wagon is the best Mobile Shooting System available and the best value on the market

1. Drop the 4 load leveling stabilizers
2. Insert the shooting platform masts and attach the seats.
3. Place the table tops, position your equipment and use.

Note: As our products are constantly being improved design specifications are subject to change without notice.

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