Using a Bipod to Shoot Farther and With More Accuracy

A bipod is a device for a weapon that is used to make a plane  a weapon attached with it. Bipods are most favorite device of shooters.  Bipods are mostly used by long rang shooters.  Bipod is very stable device. Bipods are mostly used on shotguns, rifles or other like these weapons.  By using bipods better accuracy can be achieved. There are different bipods are available that are set up in various ways. Some bipods have fixed length but some bipods length’s can be changed according to requirement.one of biggest benefit of bipod is that it can be fold up.


There are different bipods brands are available. Most of bipods brand all in two very basic categories. Parker hale style and Harris style. Many brands have multiple options for adjusting height. Adjusting bipods in field is very simple. Bipod can be adjusted in field with the situation of shooting. Its height can be set according to the need of shooters.

Some benefits of using bipods for shooting.

Bipods are best for bench shooting place.

It can be adjust to shorter height.

It can be used for shooting long ranges targets.

Shooting accuracy improved using bipods.

It provides more stability.

It can be fold up.

Understanding Choke Tubes and Patterning Your Shotgun

Choke tube is a simple device that is used to change gun’s   choke. In this way it alters the pattern of gun and also the range of gun so that a single shotgun can be use more effectively. Choke tube also used to determine the effective range of a shot gun. Choke tubes are mostly used with latest hunting and target shotguns to make improvement in the performance of shot gun. It is used to get best range and accuracy.

choke tubes

Most frequently used choke tubes

Supper full/extra full.  These are good for the head shots. They have some extra tight constriction and the densest pattern.

Full . It is mostly used for trap shots and turkey hunting. This choke has tight constriction and densest pattern.

Modified. It is mostly used for trap hunting and waterfowl hunting.it has loose constriction as compared to full choke.

Improved cylinder.  It has less constriction then modified. They are mostly used for waterfowl hunting.

Cylinder . it has no constriction. It is mostly used by the law enforcement.

Skeet. It is used to give optimum pattern for close range.